Huahang is currently a Ph.D student at PolyU, Hong Kong SAR. His research insterests boardly include: Data-centric AI, Generative AI, Data Mining, Text Modeling, Deep Learning, and so on.

Enjoy the simple happiness to do research, nothing more.



To Appear
  • Huahang Li, Shuangyin Li, Fei Hao, Chen Jason Zhang, Yuanfeng Song, Lei Chen, "BoostER: Leveraging Large Language Models for Enhancing Entity Resolution", the ACM Web Conference(WWW), 2024.(CCF A)


    Under review
  • Huahang Li, Shuangyin Li, Chen Jason Zhang, Yuncheng Jiang, Lei Chen, "PatentCL: Contrastive Learning for Enhanced Patent Representation-An Efficient and Effective Framework", ACM Transactions on Information System(TOIS), 2023. (SCI & JCR Q1, CCF A)


  • Huahang Li, Shuangyin Li, Yuncheng Jiang, Gansen Zhao, "CoPatE: A Novel Contrastive Learning Framework for Patent Embeddings", 31st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management(CIKM), 2022. (CCF B) (PDF)( BibTex).